September Minutes

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September Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on September 26

Members attending: Steve Oseth, Stevan Davis, John Petillo, Bruce Livermore, Alex Bertolucci, Phil Holcomb, Stephen Saslow, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

Since most of the Committee did not attend the Runoffs, the first discussion centered around our observations and reactions to what we viewed on SpeedCast . Great racing within the different packs of cars, but we were less than impressed with some poor decisions on the part of officials , namely the waving of the green flag when one of the competitors was in the process of “flying through the air” and what appeared to be a lack of enthusiasm by some when waving the yellow flag at one or more turns when cars were positioned in a rather precarious position on track. Whether valid or not, these were some of our observations.

PISTONS: Our last few meetings centered around the definition of dimensionally identical and how that term applied to pistons used in FV. A letter was drafted and sent to the FSR Committee suggesting that the accepted standard for a FV piston be recognized as having a 2.5mm ring groove in the first and second groove and a 4mm groove for the oil ring. In addition, a minimum set of measurements was proposed including one for the distance from the top of the first ring groove to the bottom of the wrist pin bore. The CRB has referred the matter back to the FSRC in order to add an additional dimension before considering a rule clarification (to control the shape of the piston below the oil ring groove since it is not round). Data on this dimension was collected by the commitee but dimensional limits were not included in the proposal submitted.

Separate from the Committee’s group letter, a written request was made by a member to allow the use of an alternate piston using a 2mm ring groove. We have been told that the FSR Committee has rejected this request. This is not to say that this topic might not be revisited if the supply of K/S ( or pistons meeting the specs) are depleted. It is then that the Committee would present a new proposal for a rules change-if there is such a need. In the meantime, Steve Oseth will be in contact with K/S to begin the order process to insure the availability of K/S piston and cylinder sets .

Inside wheel covers- described by some as “wheel pants” were used at this year’s Runoffs and discussion ensued. The Committee members discussed the question of legality which revolves around the GCR definition of bodywork and other details. After a considerable amount of time, we realized that legality was not the main issue but rather whether allowing these items was for the good of the class. Whether these covers actually are a performance advantage or not is unclear. On whether they should be specifically outlawed, the committee was divided. However, the majority of the Committee agreed that these might be perceived as being an advantage and therefore necessary to remain competitive and that this would not be good for the class. For this reason the Committee will draft a letter requesting member input on a rule change to specifically NOT allow these items in future events.

The topic of disc brakes has once again surfaced and the Committee wanted to have some discussion, but due to time constraints, will wait for the next meeting before revisiting this topic.

The Committee also reiterates that we are open to comments from the membership by contacting any or all of the members of the Committee

No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for October 24.
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Re: September Minutes

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If you go back and look at Charlie Hearns accident you'll see how perilous being a flagger can be. Charlie was upside down flying into the wall just inches below where the workers were stationed. The worker holding the yellow was looking at the starter station, poised to take down the double yellows when the car struck and didn't even realize what had happened. I felt sorry for the worker with the blue flag who really wanted to warn the drivers but didn't have a yellow in his hands. The ensuing scramble took just seconds to get the yellows back out. If you run this tape at regular speed you realize how fast stuff happens and if the starter had begun waving the green, he certainly couldn't have stopped waving it or he would probably caused more chaos.

I'm on a committee to study a trend of increasing events of passing under the yellow, (PUY). It is recognized that there are many issues contributing to this problem. Turn stations are further away from the track then they used to be. More driver's safety equipment like the H&N restraints and high sided seat have made viewing yellow more difficult. And volunteer numbers and training have deminished. We're working on this problem and need your help. Please write to your BOD delegate or the CRB if you have any constructive ideas.

Thanks to committee for all their work on the piston issue. The FV community is very fortunate because our committee represents the best of what SCCA can be and that's a club where everyone chips in . Many classes don't have this kind of volunteerism.
The above post is for reference only and your results may vary. This post is not intended to reflect the views or opinions of SCCA and should not be considered an analysis or opinion of the rules written in the GCR.
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