Free Sticker Tires!?!?

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Free Sticker Tires!?!?

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Hello - I have one set of sticker tires and another set with three heat cycles to give away to anyone who wants to pick them up in Tully NY (south of Syracuse) or pay for shipping.
So what's the catch???There is NONE but there is a story:
These were the last tires before the switch to the C3000 series. They are the 45Bs that went like stink and lasted. I bought them 6 years ago during the inventory clearance sale but never used them. They were stored in my heated basement and have hardened.
But are they any good? It depends on your point of view. I took one sticker set (now with 3 heat cycles) to New Jersey Motorsports Park for the 80+ degree test day last weekend to learn the track before the Majors. The lap record is 1:33 flat. At the end of three sessions with them I was in the low 1:36s. They came off the car and with the newer C3000s I made it to a 1:34 flat...same car...same driver...same track...same day...same motor. The tires feel hard ( I assume like the old Vee Rock) but the car handled fine. If you can afford to give up 2 seconds from new rubber for "Free" contact me.

That's the story...not Majors rubber but if you want free tires for a school or low budget regional effort they are yours first come first serve. If everyone thinks this is a gimmick or too good to be true so be it...I give it a month and if they have not been adopted they go to scrap. Call 315-696-6993 evenings or e-mail me at

No the wheels are not included but Alice and the Cheshire Cat both said Hi!
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Re: Free Sticker Tires!?!?

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Gary I'll Take them off your hands I'll pay for shipping. You can contact me at
Thanks Jeff Spencer
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