VW Parts Manual on CD

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VW Parts Manual on CD

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Several years ago, I scanned the complete original VW parts manual page by page. Includes great blow-up visuals of the complete bug from the 36HP up through about 1967. All part numbers, upgrades, etc. These are all high quality .BMP files. (aprox. 82 files). I will put all on a CD and send to you for $30 (includes shipping US). Along with finding the correct part numbers, they are great pics for seeing how some things are assembled. These images cover all the running gear and body parts.

I am trying to close down my credit card authorization account, so I will either need a check or paypal.

Checks to:

Jim Schings
851 N. Yarnallton Pike
Lexington, KY 40511


paypal to sracing@mindspring.com
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