Garage Cleaning Sale

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Garage Cleaning Sale

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Parts Washer This was bought at Menard’s. Same model is also sold by Northern Tool and Harbor Freight. Used very little. Comes with downloaded instruction manual. Not industrial grade, but works well. $60

Fuel Tote- 5 Gal. Not much to say on this one. Very high quality and does not leak! $10

Formula Vee: Full-Flow remote oil filter. Comes with hoses, pump, cover plate, filter mount and misc. plumbing. This was on a Dave Carr engine that I acquired but did not fit the space in my car. $25 (Will ship this for USPS Flat Rate).

I will deliver to ELVF at Road America or pick up in Woodstock, Illinois. As Usual!, can't figure out how to post photos on this board, but email following address and I will send photos.

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Re: Garage Cleaning Sale

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Please send photo's of the remote oil filter to me at:


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