SR Racing is Retiring before 2014

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SR Racing is Retiring before 2014

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SR Racing owner is retiring near or at the end of this Race Season.. I am old and have retired twice.

Everything will go and it's all paid for.

Not ready to go yet, but here is some things you can think about if interested. I will part out or sell as a lot. PLEASE before making stolen offers, look around the web for comparable prices. I am willing to make some great deals, but won't give it away. I have plenty of time. (If I don't reply, your offer wasn't serious. :lol: ) I will answer any questions about the items, listed, (or things not listed.)
If you want to start your own retail business, here is a great time. I have lots of new inventory, (Suits, Helmets, Racing parts, tools, etc.) in the showroom to start turnkey. Get a (big) truck and take everything.

Stuff going:

Freightliner Toter with Featherlite Trailer.

Toter - CAT engine, 6 speed semi-auto, 14 ft house. CB, 2 Stereos, Flat Screen TV, 3 Way fridge, Microwave, Stove, Shower, 7KW Diesel GenSet. Maybe ~85K miles on it at the end of this season. 2001, bought in 2002.

Double deck Featherlite trailer, 3 Axles, Hyd Elevator, holds 4 Formula cars, lots of lightning, power wench, observation deck, Lista Cabinets, lots of storage, 1HP Air Compressor, all hoses and plumbing front and back. (for the right offer it might come with a large pit cart and Honda ATV)

Nice large Pit Cart. Auto type steering, fits in the trailer with a ATV and 4 formula cars or 2 stock cars.

Superflow Engine Dyno. SF-902 with full console. Lots of sensors, spares and extra stuff. (Fuel flow, air flow, EGT's, 02's, computer and more.) 1000+ HP through 40 HP, adapters for VW engines. Headers for multiple V8's and VW. All original documentation. Will train and help install if logistics permit.

Superflow Chassis AutoDyn dyno. (2 wheel drive). Both inertial and Eddy current loadable. 1000+ HP.
02, fuel flow, air flow, and more. In ground type. So you need a 4ft hole in the ground. (or build a platform.)

CNC Mill. Trak K3, with Prototrak console. Includes Bobcad software. Comes with lots of bits, cutters, collets, etc. All documentation.

Crank Balancer, CWT Multi-Bal 5000. Flat Screen monitor, printer. Includes a Mill, that is used to drill the crank and or flipped to reverse side for general milling/drilling. Comes with tools, collets, etc. All documentation.

Crank Polisher - Goodsen with Baldor Motor

Valve and Seat Grinding Equipment - Sioux

Cylinder Honing Bench - Goodsen

Superflow Flowbench. SF-600. All computer control with Motor speed controller. With Superflow and Performance Trends Software.

Performance Trends Cam analyzer. With computer interface.

Vinyl Cutter Graphtec CE2000-60 with Cibercat Max software. Plus many rolls of vinyl, backing paper, etc.

LongAcre Scales with Cart.

LongAcre Coil Spring checker Bench type.

Enco Lathe with many tools, chucks, etc.

Large Ultrasonic Cleaning tank. (VW Case will fit) 2 Sweeping transducers. All Stainless Steel

JD Squared Tubing Bender with many dies..

Miller EconoTig. (AC/DC/Arc/Tig)

Miller 130 XP Mig.

Miller Spectra 375 Plasma cutter.

Craftsman Band Saw 15 " Vertical

Enco Vert/Horiz Band Saw.

VW (FV 1200 and FST) parts coming out the ears. (new and used collections)

3 EVO Formula Firsts all in great shape and ready to run.

1 XTC Formula First Conversion. (on track one time.) Like new.

(Buy the cars and the Toter/Trailer and start a team or rental business.)

Multiple tool chests, with multiple tools.

Large 5HP Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor

There is lots more and I will put it somewhere on my web site (and EBAY and local) with photos and more detail, when the season slows down a bit. (

SERIOUS inquires only. Jim (859-252-2496)
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Re: SR Racing is Retiring before 2014

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Say it ain't so!!!!

You will be missed Jim, Katy and Greg!
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Re: SR Racing is Retiring before 2014

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Jim - check your calendar. We're long past the 1st of April..!
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Re: SR Racing is Retiring before 2014

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I don't want to keep bumping this thread, but I am adding additional stuff to the items being sold. (On the original post.)

So keep checking it for those interested.
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Re: SR Racing is Retiring before 2014

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Jim I am real sorry to hear that you are retiring again but I understand that since I just did myself. Where is everyone going to get all of the specialty stuff the vee's need to keep running? Since Lybarger retired you are the only shop left that caters to the vee community that actually has the parts the class needs.
I hope someone would or could just buy the business and keep it going but we will have to see about that.
Good luck!
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Re: SR Racing is Retiring before 2014

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Thanks Ed.

We are going to continue the FV/FST parts sales indefinitely. There are a few items that we make (oil manifold blocks, offset camber bushings, etc.) that MIGHT come to an end. However, I am toying with the idea of keeping my CNC Mill and Lathe and moving them to a large outbuilding I have at my home. (Same place where most of the FV/FST inventory is.) If so, not much changes except for engine building, car prep, rentals and most safety equipment. Only bad news for FV is I will no longer be scrounging junk yards and VW meets for backing plates, spindles, etc.

I would love it if a ACVW lover, bought everything intact, but I doubt that will happen.

So keep ordering... :lol:
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