Carb to Clutch

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Carb to Clutch

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I'm cleaning out my garage, and have some FV stuff left from when I was racing my Lynx...

1 engine - Carb to Clutch: This would be a great start for a DIY'er. This engine came with the Adams I bought. I don't know much about it, but I was told that it was freshly rebuilt by Mazuro Motors (here in MI). Based on the rest of the stuff I got with my Adams, I have no reason to believe the engine isn't what I've been told. Still though - I would buy this planning to go through it. Or...take your chances on running it! $1000obo

If you're interested, contact me throught the site, or jasonsteeb at yahoo dot com
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Re: Carb to Clutch

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Where are you located?
Orlando, Fl
car-less now

I have a VERY understanding Wife.
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